CoolPhotoblog es un ranking de blogs, un lugar interesante para descubrir Fotoblogs. En este caso recojo los 15 primeros del territorio Español.

m a r t a . c o m | Spain | url
Finding special moments, details, colors, lights, situations and places. Photography by Marta Barceló.

rodadura | Spain | url
all photos

o k m i j n u h b | Spain | url
A photoblog by Marc Barceló

NJ & SB Photography | Spain | url
A photoblog by Núria Jordán & Salvador Barceló

Enrique Vidal : Photoblog | Spain | url
Travel, nature and wildlife photography from locations such as Antarctica, Falkland Islands, Balearic Islands, Hong Kong, Morocco.

Bruno Abarca | Spain | url
With my photography, I’m not trying to show reality, but what my eyes see. In some cases, this can be emotions, colours, or just the essence of a moment or a person. Maybe it will take you somewhere else…

Javier Sánchez // El Mundo desde mis ojos | Spain | url
A spanish photoblog full of artistic expression. Beautiful images of people, dreamed landscapes.

Aprendiendo a ver | Spain | url
Fotoblog personal de Pere Chuliá con imágenes de gentes, lugares y situaciones que considero interesantes.

KOMETA | Spain | url
Spain is diferent: colours & b&w…

ISO 101 Photoblog | Spain | url
Photoblog with photos from Barcelona, Catalonia, Travels, B&W and more. Come and Enjoy!

B b u r s t | Spain | url
Everyday pictures.

[Wasabi Noise . COM] | Spain | url
A view from someone very fond of Japan and photography. Living in Barcelona but sometimes escaping to Japan.

J o a n V e n d r e l l | Spain | url
Travel Photography Barcelona Point & Shoot images

PsycheBox | Spain | url
Perception – Memory – DreamZ – Feelings – Think! // Photos from Oviedo, Asturias

Reflejos | Spain | url
Albert Camacho’s photographies, photos of barcelona, spain, special moments, details, colors, lights, situations and places.